"I haven’t had that kind of relationship with a consultancy business before"

Sheazad Hussain, CEO of Medina Dairy

KPMG Director Shashi Prashad worked with Medina Dairy CEO Sheazad Hussain and their MD Mike Sheldon, to help the wholesale supplier of fresh milk, dairy and bakery products become a major name in the sector.

The challenge: managing a major transition

After a period of consolidation earlier in the decade, Medina Dairy were ready to expand and win new contracts. To achieve this they needed to rethink areas such as governance, infrastructure and strategy. An outside view was required and the Windsor-headquartered company needed an advisor who would take a whole view of the business, challenge them to grow and provide access to a network of specialist skills. 

The approach: providing all-round support through collaboration

Over a three-year period Shashi and Sheazad built their relationship, working together on both day-to-day challenges and strategic issues. As the single point of contact, Shashi was able to draw on a range of KPMG specialists including expertise in the dairy sector, to respond to specific business issues. He advised Sheazad and his team on the structure of the business and its readiness for growing and winning major new contracts.

Shashi explains, “Medina is on a significant growth journey, and we’ve been able to support this by connecting them with our experts – both technical and sector specialists. Being trusted to support the family in a broad advisory role is really satisfying. The strategic path of the business is very exciting.”

The family brought in new board members to help manage the expansion of the business, as well as investing in new machinery to allow them to take on major new contracts. In 2017, Mike was appointed MD, accelerating the business’ plans for growth and working with Shashi and the KPMG team on key work streams. Mike sums up the open and honest nature of the relationship, “Shashi will push back, and that’s really good because you want a bit of challenge in every relationship. You need to be made to think sometimes or you’ll never change anything.”

“Shashi will push back, and that’s really good because you want a bit of challenge in every relationship"

Mike Sheldon, MD of Medina Dairy

The impact: an unprecedented period of growth

In 2016 Medina Dairy successfully tendered for new milk contracts including major partnerships with Sainsbury’s and Iceland. The business has significantly increased their milk production capacity to 150 million litres a year.

Sheazad acknowledges Shashi and the team’s support in laying the foundations for this success. “With KPMG you’ll get someone who will be more than just a face within a company, you’ll get someone who shows you diligence and care. I haven’t had that kind of relationship with a consultancy business before.”  

In a nutshell

Shashi says, “It’s great to be on a shared journey like this, having deeper, broader conversations about the business’ future growth. It’s an opportunity for them to take things to the next level.”

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