Working alongside Future Content owner Tom Sandford, we helped develop a new product that helped generate a 50% increase in annual revenue and opened the door to new customers. This also helped realign the business’s strategy, contributing to a successful merger.

The challenge: securing sustainable growth

Future Content, a Bristol-based content marketing agency, had ambitious plans for growth but were finding it difficult to get new clients committed to their product, a 12-month retainer package. Tom Sandford, the agency’s owner, recognised its need to diversify and turned to Mike Britton at KPMG, to help him think differently about bringing in new business.

The approach: a gateway for new customers

Working together, we looked at Future Content’s business model and KPIs, identifying the agency’s limitations and growth opportunities. The recommendation was for Future Content to introduce a ‘Health Check’ service that would serve as a gateway product to their 12-month retainer package. The two-week content audit enables Future Content to assess their client’s strengths and areas for improvement, before they commit to the full retainer service.

“The work I did with KPMG led me to realise I could go into those merger conversations knowing what I wanted”

Tom Sandford, Founder of Future Content

The impact: reshaping the future of the business  

The initiative has made a real difference to the client base. 90% of 'Health Check' clients go on to sign up for a retainer, accounting for 50% of Future Content’s growth in annual revenue. What’s more, the clients who go on to convert, understand the value of the service and are ready for the commitment of a 12-month retainer. “It was about adding value by offering the right service at the right time.” explained Mike.

Our advice also gave Tom the confidence to seek further growth opportunities by merging with an email-marketing agency. “The work I did with KPMG led me to realise that while I could grow the business, I couldn’t do everything. So I approached an agency I felt shared my passion for the business. Understanding my own business better meant I could go into those merger conversations knowing what I wanted.” 

In a nutshell

Future Content owner Tom said: “Mike took a view on the whole of the business – not just the financials. He was especially interested in me and the pressures I was under as a founder, and tailored his advice around that."


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