Compliance will become a headache for many mid-market firms, requiring you to overhaul the way you collect, use, retain, disclose and transfer people’s personal data.

The good news is that an effective privacy strategy can actually give you a competitive edge. Personal data is among your business’s most valuable assets, allowing you to deepen understanding of your customers, performance and marketplace.

Our Ready for GDPR? report looks at the challenges and opportunities this major legal change presents for your organisation. It outlines five key steps to help you turn compliance to your advantage:


  1. Define your privacy strategy: Which aspects of the new rules are most critical to your business? What level of privacy risk can you handle? Who’s responsible for data protection among your management team?
  2. Identify where you are now: How mature is your current privacy strategy? What areas of privacy risk will you need to tackle? How difficult is it likely to be?
  3. Take a pragmatic approach: Where are the greatest risks to your business? What should you deal with first? How will you keep privacy risk at the right level, and in line with your business strategy, day-to-day?
  4. Coordinate and deliver: Have you allocated enough resource to GDPR compliance? Do you have the right inputs from the right parts of the organisation?
  5. Make compliance part of your business as usual: How will you show that your data management is up to the demands of GDPR?

Watch our latest webinar where our experts will provide you with some practical steps based on KPMG’s extensive experience of designing and delivering pragmatic and achievable GDPR programmes.

Make the Most of Every £ You Invest. Find out how you can get on top of privacy, now and for the future.

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