Innovative Startups

Our Innovative Startups team is dedicated to helping fast-growing tech Startups and Scaleups grow. We exist to meet and build relationships with ambitious and innovative businesses and over the past five years we have met thousands of them. We take the time to understand growth plans and in return provide industry insight, specialist advice and make introductions to contacts in the Startup and technology ecosystem.

Our remit includes advising companies on: successfully scaling their business; finding and incentivising talent and c-suite; understanding which tax incentives are most appropriate; corporate structuring; expanding internationally and accessing equity and M&A or IPO transactions.

We also host a range of industry and networking events for the Startup and tech community and support a number of Startup accelerator programmes through coaching or mentorship.


Startup Cyber Guide

Essential information to keep your company safe.

Best British Tech Startup

An unrivalled opportunity for British tech businesses to profile their businesses to senior corporate decision makers, investors and the media.
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Startup essentials

Startup Cyber Guide

Traditionally cyber security has been a risk associated with big business. However, as the global digital landscape has become more accessible, the range of threats has extended and protection cannot be taken for granted. Understand how to protect your business with this guide.

Should your startup pivot?

When you begin your Startup journey, you may have a clear idea of your product or service, goals and company direction. However, this original idea may not always be the one that eventually pays off. How do you know when you need to change tact?

Five characteristics every entrepreneur should have

Vision, tenacity and communication – there are certain traits no entrepreneur can do without.

Leading the team

Patrick Imbach

Head of Innovative Startups

Patrick started the division because he believed KPMG’s wealth of experience and expertise could help tech Startups navigate the industry and maximise their opportunities. He leads the team, giving strategic direction to ensure small businesses are getting the best insights and networking opportunities.

Patrick has a history of working in the Startup world. Prior to starting at KPMG, he founded and ran as a student in Germany an e-commerce company, selling an unconventional combination of technology and sports equipment. He then joined KPMG in Germany, developing his financial expertise in accounting and audit, before moving to the UK to work with TMT clients.

“Small businesses don’t know what they don’t know. That’s where we come in, we bring our wealth of experience into play to help them  understand growth opportunities, potential risks to navigate and useful networks to tap into. Our wide combined network helps us connect businesses with the right people, from investors, industry experts, and business advisors.”