It’s important to know and understand your customers in the UK, yet focusing solely on your home market imposes limits too. So while going global raises those risks and uncertainties, we think there are 7.5 billion1 reasons why it makes sense to venture overseas.

Going global not only means the world’s population are your potential customers. It can also help you create more efficient supply chains, cut production costs and open new possibilities – from mergers and acquisitions to alternative product lines and a vast new pool of talent.

Explore our Going global hub which is designed to answer your big questions, such as:

  • How you explore the possibility of an overseas venture
  • How you develop an existing footprint
  • How to improve governance of your existing operations
  • When you should consider bringing an under-performing venture to an end

Going Global

A guide to developing and maintaining a successful international business.

The importance of an international strategy

Steve Hickman, KPMG Enterprise Partner

Key issues


Going global: whatever you do, don’t wing it

Do you have international aspirations for your business or are you reviewing existing operations? Read our step-by-step guide for privately-owned businesses developing and maintaining overseas opportunities

Beware: it’s a global taxation jungle out there

There are many things to consider when expanding overseas, but one of the most pressing issues is staying on top of international tax rules. Here’s how to get it right.

Risky business or land of opportunity?

Going global means greater responsibilities and higher stakes – so managing risk is key. Read our top tips on how privately-owned businesses can protect themselves against potential threats.

Fix, sell or close?

In this article we look at how you can ensure you are getting what you should out of your international adventures – along with guidance on what to do if it’s not working out.

Assess your export readiness:

Looking to expand your international footprint? Complete our Export Assessment Questionnaire to find out if your business is ready.

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Sector spotlight


The UK retail market is hugely competitive, so internationalisation may present a sound opportunity for your company to grow. But it’s all too easy to enter the wrong market – or even the right market, but at the wrong time or in the wrong way. Our experts explore the do's and the don'ts.

Industrial Manufacturing

The ability to be flexible and agile in the face of change means privately-owned industrial manufacturers have what it takes to go international. The global economy is growing and you can take advantage of lower sterling and focus on new growth opportunities. Here we explore the opportunities and potential risks.

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