The age of disruption

Do you ever wonder what your business peers are doing to stay ahead in a world of unprecedented political uncertainty and market disruption? Or how they are responding to new cyber threats that are emerging every week? It's this kind of information that can make all the difference. KPMG’s 2017 Global CEO Outlook reveals insights from 1,300 leaders in 10 of the world's largest economies.

In this hub you will find perspectives from CEO's and KPMG experts on the issues keeping business leaders awake at night, the changing business environment and what's being done about it.

Global CEO Outlook survey

Find out how CEOs are feeling about the current climate of uncertainty and disruption and the implications for your business.


Bill Michael - Chairman, KPMG UK, on the changing role of the CEO

Bill Michael - Chairman, KPMG UK.

of global CEOs
see disruption as an opportunity


want their business
to be the disruptor


are now more open
to new influences and collaborations

Key issues

Disruption and innovation

Disruption disrupted: How to be on the right side of radical change

Almost half of all CEO Outlook Survey respondents expect to see major disruption in their sector over the next three years. What can you do to ensure you come out on top? In this article we explore options to keep your business competitive.

Growth and customer centricity

How data analytics can supercharge your businesses

Should you be worried about how well you are using data and analytics within your business? More than a third of the CEOs surveyed admit they are not using data effectively to connect with customers. Find out how you can optimise your approach.

Cyber and reputational risk

Hacked off: is your business heading for a cyber fall?

“Has been hacked” or “will very probably be hacked”. Which category is your business in? We explore the new tactics the hackers are employing and the steps you can take to protect your business.


The CEO 2017 Survey

Find out how CEOs are feeling about the current climate of uncertainty and disruption and the implications for your business.




Route to digital business leadership

Six steps to help your organisations become a digital leader.


Engineering a human touch into a digital future

How exemplar organisation are mastering the new digital world.



Stay up to speed with the latest Brexit developments and explore our thinking on the implications for privately owned businesses.


Going global

With international trade at the heart of the growth agenda, this guide answers key questions on how to develop and maintain a successful global business.


HR Transformation

A lens into this year's key highlights from the HR Transformation Survey.