The good thing about KPMG is that you’re not interacting with a faceless entity. You’re liaising with people whom you get to know. Any issues you have – you can deal with a person. That’s what you want when you’re a private business.

Naser Khan, Finance Director of Bestway

KPMG has a real understanding of our business, they have invested time to get that understanding, they are now able to focus on areas where they can benefit us.

Huw Davies, Chief Financial Officer of The Wates Group

We’re looking for a number of things in our business partners. People that are proactive and take personal responsibility and accountability seriously. People who can think about our business holistically and globally, but who can deliver solutions at a local, detailed level. People who have our best interest at heart and demonstrate that by the way they work with us. KPMG has given us all that.

James Cox, Chief Operating Officer and Group Finance Director of The Dune Group

We liked the way KPMG could bring industry expertise to the table and we liked the entrepreneurial nature of the people we met. Overall, KPMG felt like an ideal fit.

Jonathan Burrows, Founder and CEO of Ask4 Ltd

The hardest thing in business is to manage growth. KPMG brings us the wealth of expertise and the people we need to help us achieve that.

Asif Hamid, Co-founder and CEO of The Contact Company

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